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The Hormone Queen

Are you ready to create holistic wellness practices by getting to the root cause of your health symptoms and start feeling healthy and sexy again?

My Signature 6 month Program is designed to create a lifetime transformation through functional lab tests, nutrition & lifestyle protocols, education, accountability, and more.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You are constantly trying different diet trends and you’re TIRED of quick fixes

You don’t feel safe in your body

You don’t know you are weight resistant 

You are unsure about your menstruation and can’t seem to get answers 

You have PCOS, IBS, Gut Dysbiosis, acne, and more

You are always bloated and unsure what to do 

You want to work with a Certified Health and Life Coach, and a Naturopathic Doctor

You crave a sense of community to keep you accountable

You desire to feel sexy and dive into your feminine energy, And be a total Badass!


Queen, you are not alone.


There is so much noise about what you need to do in order to feel healthy and confident! I get it. You think you are on the right track but always seem to find yourself back to zero and starting another health trend. It does not have to be like that anymore. With functional lab tests, lifetime solutions, discipline and accountability you will finally feel like you’re coming back home to yourself.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated...

Trying all the diets, programs, coaches and not getting to the root cause of your health problems. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start. It's a tough place to be, but don’t lose hope. We are here to hold your hand every step on the way to create the life where you know exactly what is happening in your body because you will learn so much about nutrition, movement, root causes and most importantly - you get to learn about your bio individual body. You don’t have to be alone on this journey. 


Imagine being able to know exactly what your body is telling you and creating delicious wellness practices that are aligned to what your body, mind and soul is craving for. Imagine being able to allow yourself space for radical self-love and inner peace. Imagine being in a space with women who you can call sisters because they know exactly what it feels like to not know what to do. Queen, all of that is possible to you. I am here to tell you that you are capable of creating all of this in your life with proper education, guidance and support from experts who have years and years of experience to get you the solution you need. So take a deep breath, I got you girl.

Your journey to a healthy and sexy living starts NOW.

6 Months of Coaching

The Hormone Queen Method program is loaded with all the info you need to begin and lay the foundations for a healthier you, filled with energy and longevity. Six months packed with life-changing information about hormonal balance, from understanding how they work in your body, to your menstrual cycles, gut health, mindset, self-love, sustainable weight loss and even increasing your libido. You will be with me for six months working this program out together!


The program dives into root causes, this is why we included a functional lab test to support the detoxification of your system and create awareness of what is happening in your body. 


You will also receive Recipe Guides: 6 Months worth of  Meal plans with recipes included and grocery list! Get a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. Each recipe will taste sinfully good. No need to get scared of groceries, everything is laid out. And with that an app that will keep you accountable to move your body. 


Queen, I’m telling you - this is the last program you will ever need!


HQM  program is for the women who:

  • Are ready to invest time and effort to practice their new aligned actions to create sustainability in their health

  • Want to learn about their menstrual cycle 

  • Want to be in a sisterhood who will be theri personal cheerleaders and keep them accountable

  • Ready to work with experts who has been in the field for 5-10 years to create radical transformation

  • Are ready to take functional lab tests to get to the root causes of their imbalances


Hey Queen, I’m Naz! 


I am a Health & Life Coach, Hormone & Gut Health Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer,  RHN- Student, Wife and a Mama of 3. 


I’ve created this program along with my amazing friend Dr. Taal Bastein who is a Naturopathic Doctor for women who desire to step into their personal responsibility to go all in for themselves and their health by getting to the root cause of their health problems through functional lab tests and bespoke nutrition and lifestyle protocols. 


When I gave birth to my second child, I started trying all the trend diets, overworked my body and was on birth control. I was always bloated, acne, stomach pains, PMS, irregular periods, weight gain and loss, and always felt unsafe with my body. I have forgotten to love myself. 


I have spent time and thousands of dollars on my health, education and mentors to heal my body. And here I am, helping hundreds of women across the globe through my programs, speaking events and podcast. 


The Hormone Queen Method is curated with passion, education, skills and years of experience by both myself and Dr. Taal to create the last program you will ever take to truly heal your gut, hormones, metabolism, mindset and self-love and create the life you’ve always desired.

The Program

What's Included?


This is a program that will get you to a space of healing, nourishment, movement, learning and accountability. 


  • 24 weeks of training modules

  • Half a year of weekly Coaching calls with Naz & Dr. Taal

  • Access to a Naturopathic Doctor

  • Personalized Nutrition Protocol

  • Community Chat 

  • Supplement Protocol 

  • Hair mineral functional lab test

  • Detox Program



  • Weekly Workout Program: Home, Gym and Cycle syncing

  • Monthly Recipe Book + Meal Plan

  • 30-day self-love workbook

  • How to eat clean during the holidays' workshop

  • Guides on Gut health, hormones, self-love, metabolism and more.

  • Cycle syncing Calendar + tracker 

  • Lifestyle Tracker workbook

  • Monthly Live Breathwork & Meditation Sessions



This is where we will set you up for success! Support you in taking the first step to true healing. Foundation is key to getting to the root causes of your health problems, this is where we do some mind and body cleansing. 

We will dive into:

  1. Get your functional lab test sent out to you and teach you what you need to know about the test.

  2. Get you set up to a good nutrition program with recipe books and meal plans to meal prepping and reading label ingredients

  3. Tackle the importance of crowding out to create sustainable nutrition plan 

  4. Create your aligned morning and evening routine

  5. Work on your mindset to heal from the chronic dieting, limiting beliefs and fear.

  6. Then we kickoff with some badass movement to boost your energy!


Balancing your hormones will not take place if you don’t know what is going on inside your body. There is just too many noises around and here is where we silence all those noises and learn about the imbalances we have and create aligned wellness practices. Time to get in tune with your body. 

We will dive into:

  1. Learning about key hormones and the reasons why we have imbalances

  2. Nutrition program to support your hormones 

  3. Actionable steps to help balance your hormones 

  4. Dive into facts about birth control

  5. How to get off birth control safely?


Good health begins in the gut. By phase 3 you have already received so many amazing tools to feel sexy and aligned! Now, we will dive into deeper healing. This phase is where we prep for a detox, a detox that actually works.

We will dive into:

  1. Nutrition for gut healing

  2. Your microbiome and your health

  3. All things poop

  4. Testing for your gut health

  5. Tackling your gut health problems 

  6. How to feel energized!


We will hop into a detox together where you will be provided a protocol to keep you accountable. This is not just your typical don’t eat anything but juice detox! We are here for real results. This is a detox where you mind, soul, liver, body is going to thank you! A detox where you are not deprived from food, but nourished with abundance of nutrients, rest, healing, and movement. 

We will dive into:

  1. Detox nutrition protocol

  2. Detox lifestyle protocol

  3. Clean and organic beauty

  4. Drainage pathways

  5. Liver detoxification

  6. Mental health


After a healing detox we will slowly dive into blood sugar, thyroid health and boosting your metabolism for optimal energy! We will work on establishing even more wellness practices so that you wake up feeling energized. By now, you are rocking this wellness thing so well that you will crave for more, and nothing is wrong with that. You will elarn so much more about creating harmony in your life, it becomes slightly obsessive ;)

We will dive into:

  1. Reigniting your metabolism

  2. The dangers of sugar (ones you haven’t heard of yet!)

  3. How to truly heal your metabolism

  4. Nutrition for a metabolism healing

  5. Thyroid Health


On this last phase, we will unleash the feminine energy inside of you that’s just craving to be seen. We will work on confidence, Energy, and self-love. Get ready to be inspired to feel and look sexy!

We will dive into:

  1. Sustainable nutrition practices

  2. Coming back home to you

  3. Radical self-love

  4. Navigating comparison and healing the sisterhood wound

  5. The complexity and psychology of self-esteem

  6. Rebirthing the inner divine feminine

Client Testimonials

Alejandra Marqués


Stop Waiting On Your Dreams To Come True!

Take action and control of your future

OVD_ESI_150 (1).jpg
  • 4 workshops in-person hosted by Dr. Taal Bastien, and Naz Grimley
    They will keep you accountable throughout the journey. Workshopstake placeat the ALKEM Health and Wellness Center.
  • Access to our in-house app
    For continued daily accountability and progress tracking!
  • The Fall into Wellness detox guide
    This gives you the tools you need to detox and cleanse! We are diving deep into supporting the body through colon cleansing (totally optional), and we’ve made this season also grain-free to fully support the body at the deepest level of detoxing possible. The guide breaks the entire process of detoxing and cleansing down into bite-sized and digestible chunks. You will learn to detox inside and out, letting go of foods, habits, and emotional stressors.
  • A vegetarian or omnivore detox recipe guide
    With 49 brand-new, seasonal, grain-free delicious recipes. The perfect resource for every day of the detox, with seasonal detox food options to give you the flexibility you need to stay on track and satiated.
  • Suggested meals & shopping lists for 14 days
    We will take the guesswork out of hectic things like groceries! No more anxiety!
  • A 14-Day “At A Glance” of suggested meals
    You will love the ease of seeing all 14 days of suggested meals clearly laid out, making it easy for you to use your meal suggestions and shopping lists.
  • Personal Food Diary
    Gain access to a personal food diary, to support your journey.
  • Detox Cheat Sheet Handout
    Will simplify your journey.
  • And so much more!



Hey Queen!

I’m Naz -  Women’s Health & Life Coach, Gut & Hormone Practitioner. I help women get to the root cause of their imbalances so they can feel sexy, confident, energized and healed! Are you ready to go all in?

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